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In addition to general Pest Control in Sacramento we can help with a wide variety of pests, including termites. Termites are one of the most destructive pests yet they’re also one of the most unnoticed. A lot of people don’t take advantage of termite inspection services and end up discovering a substantial amount of costly damage to their home or structure long after the damage has been done.

Prevent Expensive Damage with a Termite Inspection

Imagine if you could prevent termite damage before it happens. Our Sacramento termite inspections help you do just that! We come and inspect for any active or potential activity of termites and treat accordingly.

Once we have inspected your property and determined what kind of termite you have, we can then devise a treatment plan to start eradicating the termites.

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Unsure If You’re Seeing Termites?

How do you know if it’s termites that you’re looking at? Termite fecal matter is the first way people often discover termites. Termite feces look like small narrow strips, if you see it anywhere in or surrounding your property you need to call a professional right away.

In addition, mud tubes are another sign of termites and are often seen on the exterior foundation walls of a home. If you’re noticing sawdust inside your cabinets or around your property it could be coming from termites.

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Regardless of why you might suspect termites are present on your property, we can help. Just call our Sacramento termite control experts at (916) 385-0276 today and schedule an inspection or discuss your findings in more detail with one of our technicians.

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