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Spiders are a very common Sacramento pests but its one that many people hate. While the majority of spiders are harmless, it’s simply their appearance that turn most people off. Not to mention the spider bites that can happen because of the spiders hiding inside your property.

Our Sacramento spider control experts can come to your property and thoroughly treat it to help eliminate the spiders. spiders can actually be helpful if you have lots of other small tiny insects hanging around too. The spiders will eat them and then retreat to their hiding place until their next meal comes along.

We Treat Poisonous and Harmless Spiders

The majority of harmless spiders won’t even bite humans unless they feel threatened. If you wake up with spider bites the chances are high that you accidentally rolled over onto one of them while you were sleeping. Thankfully, our effective spider control solutions can keep them out of your bed and home.

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If you happen to notice a poisonous spider we encourage you to call us right away and avoid handling it on your own. There is a big risk that you could be bit and poisonous spider bites can be extremely dangerous. Let our Sacramento spider control experts help you control the spider population on your property and keep them away; harmless and poisonous. Call (916) 385-0276 today to learn more!

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