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Your house could be new or old but at any given time you could still have a pest problem. In Sacramento County there are many common pests including stink bugs, Japanese beetles, ants, spiders and even bed bugs, among many others. Luckily, we are a reliable and effective source for treatment and protection against the various pests in Sacramento.

Efficient Pest Treatments for Homes

Our goal is to keep your home and those inside safe from harmful and destructive pests. Your safety is our main concern when we’re visiting your house whether it’s to inspect or treat for pests.

Even if you don’t currently see any bugs or insects inside your property they could still be lurking in the walls, attic or even under your home. Unfortunately, another pest that has been showing up more lately is bed bugs. Bed bugs need immediate attention or they’ll continue to infest and overrun a property, making it impossible to live in, in just a short amount of time.

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We encourage you to call for pest control in Sacramento even if you don’t have an existing pest issue. Our prevention and maintenance programs are affordable and effective and best suited for homeowners who want defense against future bug invasions. Give us a call today to learn more or to schedule your pest inspection.


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