Your Sacramento Rat Control Experts

It’s often that unfamiliar sound that alarms people to a pest invasion. When it comes to rats, that unfamiliar sound is the pitter-patter of small fast feet running across your floor. Rats are very damaging pests to have so it’s imperative that you seek control right away.

Rats will defecate as they move about and this can be very detrimental to the health of those inside the property. Especially when an infestation is present. You can prevent an infestation or invasion of any kind by calling our Sacramento rat control professionals. We have the solutions and effective methods to help you be free from unwanted rats.


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More About These Destructive Pests

Rats have very large front teeth and they will chew through just about anything; especially if they believe food is on the other side of whatever they’re chewing. This could be your walls, cables, upholstery, and items in your kitchen or pantry.

Rats typically enter a property via an opening that went unnoticed by the property owner. They don’t need a large opening to gain entry and this is where our inspections come in very handy. You can also inspect your property but our Sacramento rat control exterminators know exactly where to look when it comes to rat entry points.

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If you know you have a rat problem or suspect it’s rats you can hear but haven’t seen, give us a call at (916) 385-0276 today. We can come out and determine what pests or rodents are causing you problems and identify any potential harm that is lurking close by.

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