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Cockroaches can be a very disgusting pest to encounter but even the cleanest of homes can experience an invasion. Cockroaches, like many other pests, could be residing in a property close to yours and once it becomes vacant, the cockroaches will move out of the vacant home and look for a new home. That new home typically becomes whatever structure is closest that has everything they need; shelter, food and water.

Disease-Carrying Pests

There is a reason many people find cockroaches to be filthy pests and that’s because they can carry more than 30 different diseases. These diseases can easily be transmitted to people which is where serious problems can occur in roach-infested homes. Those living inside will suffer from the disease-ridden pests if not taken care of immediately.

You can prevent cockroaches by utilizing our pest prevention services, in addition to doing a few things around your house. Such things include:

  • Remove excess cardboard where cockroaches can easily make a home.
  • Properly screen exterior vents.
  • Seal any holes or openings around pipes, baseboards, etc.
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