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Bed bugs can be an annoyance and also pricey pest to get rid of. No matter how severe your infestation is, our experts will help you get the job done safely and efficiently. Normally, bed bugs will be a reddish-brown color and adults are about the size of an apple seed. On average, an adult bed bug can grow to a quarter inch in length, meaning they will only slightly be visible to the human eye.

How to Inspect for Bed Bugs

Checking your bedding, including mattresses, needs to be the first step when you suspect your home has been invaded by bed bugs. When searching your bed’s mattress, look for any blood stains, as well as on your sheets. Also be on the lookout for skin casings that have been shed and egg casings.

These signs will help you when determining if bed bugs are the pest you have. Waking up with tiny, horizontal or raised bumps may also be a sign of bed bugs, but could also be produced by other types of pests as well. Just because you are waking up with bites, does not mean you should instantly presume it is a bed bug. Involving our Sacramento bed bug control specialists will help you to identify the bug you have.

Bed Bug Infestation
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Entry Places for Sacramento Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can easily enter you home by hitching a ride on: luggage, furnishings, clothes, cushions, cartons plus other items from taking a trip. Often times items brought in to your home are the culprit when a bed bug problem occurs.

Bed Bugs can also reside in vacant homes since they do not require continuous feeding, going months without any blood. They may rapidly reproduce once they do find their way into a home. Although bed bugs aren’t able to fly, they are still incredibly quick insects.

In the daytime, bed bugs prefer to hide out in mattress seams and box springs, as well as bed frames. If you have any cracks or crevices in the wall surfaces or floor coverings of your home, they will often hide there too. While you are asleep, bed bugs emerge from their hiding places and start to suck your blood. Common bite sites include the face, throat, hands or limbs. These types of bite spots can also cause itching and swelling.

Tips for Sacramento Bed Bug Control

  • Make sure to cleanse and vacuum your home, giving additional treatment to the bed room.
  • Keep your bed away from walls and any furniture.
  • Vacuum your home daily.
  • Clean your bed sheets, blankets and pillow cases each and every night. Put them in the dryer on very high heat for a minimum of half and hour.
  • Get rid of places for the bed bugs to hide by repairing any fractures or holes in your home.
  • Inspect any electrical outlets near your bed where bed bugs might be hiding.

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