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Ants can be discovered in many parts of your home, and in particular in the kitchen area. Give our specialists a ring now in the event that you are ready to get the relief you require from these unwanted bugs.

Ant Entry Points

Ants will certainly make their way into houses using the smallest of crevices. Ants will begin their search for a food supply as soon as they have actually discovered their way into your home. Anything sweet or oily left on a counter top or any other location in your kitchen is specific to draw in ants being that’s their type of food preference.

When seen roaming around your home, all of these ants are also leaving an ant path; a chemical substance undetected by human beings. Ant trails are really extremely useful, allowing the ants to discover their method back to the food whenever they like. In order to find their way back, they just simply follow the trail. The drawback to this scent path is that other ants can also pick up on the odor, causing them to now have a food source to live off of as well.


Let us help you eliminate annoying ants in your home.

Sacramento Ant Lairs

Ants constantly reside in a colony; should you notice just one at first, you will find tons more! You will find 300,000 to 500,000 ants in a colony at one time. Worker ants may survive approximately a minimum of 7 years while queens are able to live up to 15 years.

Once the ants have actually discovered a location to live in your home, which can be just about anywhere, they can remain unnoticed for a long period of time. The ants can also quickly and swiftly relocate if they feel that their house is in danger.

The Life of an Ant

An ant will have to go through 4 various stages in a lifetime. They will begin as an egg, then go into the larvae stage; next will be the pupae stage and last but not least, it will become a grownup. Ant eggs are formed like an oval and will be a clear white. Ant larvae will certainly hatch around 2 to 3 weeks after the eggs have actually been laid. Pupae will look just like a full grown ant, minus the white colored body and folded up antennae and legs.

An adult ant forms once they have effectively completed the pupae stage of the life-cycle. There are three kinds of ants; workers, queens and males. Queens are really liable for bearing the eggs while male ants are responsible for mating through the queens. The ants that you discover searching your counter tops are generally the employee ants. Their primary function for the ant colony is to gather foodstuff, keep the larvae fed and to keep the colony nice and neat.

Do It Yourself Ant Eradication Solutions

In the case that you have certainly already found the ants in your house, maybe you have also taken the time to utilize an over the counter solution or perhaps tried to use a more ‘natural’ method to eliminate the ants. Which ever method you have tried, both have been shown to only be attacking the ants that you have actually physically seen and not the ants that are still tucked away concealed in the nest.

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